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We all freeze certain foods to extend their life. Many of those foods, especially meats, need to be thawed before cooking. If meats are not defrosted correctly, they can cause illness. Additionally, improper thawing can change the taste of our favorite foods.

No more microwaves! Versa Rack® is safest and quickest way to defrost your food!

Versa Rack® fits sinks between 13.25″ and 17″ length or width, is dishwasher safe and folds in half for easy storage. The Versa Rack®, when unfolded, is almost 18″ long by 10″ wide. The spring loaded arms allow it to adjust to fit.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Order Yours Today! Product must be undamaged and a proof of purchase supplied. See product packaging for further details. Return shipping is customer responsibility.

The Versa Rack® cannot be used with sinks that are cleaned or polished with oil based products.



Weight: 18 oz
Dimensions: 9 × 10 × 3.5 in

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Versa Rack®
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 6 reviews
by David Tischler on Versa Rack®
Love This Device!

I use my Versa Rack every day to thaw frozen steaks, chicken, fish etc. It also comes in handy for rinsing fruits and veggies. It really works as advertised, I was pleasantly surprised.

by Traci S. on Versa Rack®

LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT!! The Versa Rack is just the product I’ve been waiting for! It surely beats my old ways of defrosting using a frying pan which never worked. See pic attached. I can’t believe how useful and simple this product is to use. Being a working mother, coming home to cook dinner for my family would take hours. After buying the Versa Rack I have saved so much time defrosting my meats, cutting my meal prep time in half. It also is a multipurpose product and doubles as a strainer! But the best thing about this product is that it adjusts to the size of my sink and folds for easy storage (which is SO convenient). I will totally be buying this for all my friends!!

by Jennifer H. on Versa Rack®
I love my Versa Rack!!

I love my Versa Rack!! No more defrosting my meats in the microwave. This tool is just what I have needed to keep my meats submerged in water to defrost! And I love the fact that it works as a strainer and has the edges to keep my fruits and vegetables in the strainer without rolling out into the sink! And it is so easy to use, wash, and store in my cabinet. This is a MUST HAVE in your kitchen!!

by Steve Palmerton on Versa Rack®
Absolutely the best!

Absolutely the best! Forgot I promised beef filet for dinner until I got home from work. My wife called and said how much she was looking forward to dinner when she got home and I panicked. I had forgotten to pull the meat out that morning and when I took the filet out of the freezer it was rock hard. After scrambling around I remembered I had the Versa Rack in with the pots and pans. I filled our farm sink with water and placed the filet in at 5:10 pm keeping submerged with the Versa Rack praying that it would be in time. To my surprise, at 5:45 I pulled the filet out and it was completely thawed and ready to grill. What a life saver. My wife got home at six and we enjoyed a fabulous dinner with none the wiser. Really does work as advertised.

by Mrs. T on Versa Rack®
The Right Tool For The Right Job

So excited. Got our Versa Rack today. It was super easy to set up in the sink. I have never liked defrosting meats in the microwave and have struggled to get frozen meat to stay under water so it would thaw more quickly. As my husband said ... "This is the right tool for the job!"

by Jean C. on Versa Rack®

Versa Rack is a “MUST HAVE” tool in everyone’s kitchen! Perfect for thawing and rinsing. Expandable to fit in all sink measurements. Folds for easy storage. Very reasonably priced and delivered quickly.


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